Fall Tune-Up Special

Just as your car needs regular maintenance to keep it in top running order, your computer needs regular attention to keep it running its best. Just as sludge gums up your car's engine, temporary files can build up on your computer's hard disk. Dust builds up inside the case, causing more heat which slows the computer and shortens component life. A regular tune up will help get it running faster.

Fall Tune-Up includes:

  • Remove Spyware
  • Update and Optimize Windows
  • Optimize System Registry
  • Ensure Optimal Performance
  • Update System Drivers
  • Dust and Clean System and Fans
  • Install Critical Security Updates

Regularly $130 on Special for $79

Virus Special

Bring your computer in for a tune-up, and we will scan it for viruses, remove any we find and install Norton AntiVirus

Regularly $ on Special for $129

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Tune Up Special
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